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Welcome to GreenLane, the Green Business Alliance of Lane County Website.

GreenLane verifies that local businesses meet higher standards of environmental performance.

Our partnership of government agencies and utilities helps local businesses comply with all environmental regulations and take actions to conserve resources, prevent pollution, and minimize waste.

We offer motivated businesses and agencies an easy-to-use framework for improving environmental performance.

Who we are

A partnership of environmental agencies, professional associations, waste management agencies, utilities, and a concerned public.

What we are doing

We are working together to recognize and assist businesses that operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

For the latest status of the GreenLane Project and this websight:

Click Here  (Word Document)

The above Word document will be continually updated to show the latest ongoing developments.

Contact me, Robert Jacobucci, with any thoughts or ideas that might be included in this project. Or, visit the Forum and share them with the entire group!